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A Serious connection

Warranty of a continued and effective service starts here.

VIVASAT is licensed by ICP – ANACOM to provide Internet satellite services in Portugal since 2013. This service is supported by technology from Tooway, European leader as a supplier of satellite internet service technology.

To ensure the highest quality of its services, VIVASAT has an extensive network of agents distributed throughout the country, qualified to provie the installation of services, freeing the end customer to what is most important – surfing the web!

General and specific conditions for the provision of services can be downloaded and consulted for a full transparency in services.
Date of publication: 01-06-2014
Last Update: 01-06-2014


What is the coverage of the Internet satellite Vivasat?

The internet satellite service has 100% coverage in all Continental Portugal. It covers the geographical areas where cable networks (copper, coaxial cable and fiber) and mobile networks (3G and 4G) don`t have coverage, or has a poor coverage. It is estimated that 10% of Portuguese territory is under these conditions.

What is Tooway?

Tooway is the technological partner of Vivasat. Using the latest satellite technology in equipment and antennas, the Tooway offers high-speed Internet connections anywhere in Europe. Transmission and reception functions are Bi-directional without the need to use a telephone line and ensures real speeds up to 22Mbps download and 6Mbps upload, without failures or interruptions.

Who performs the installation?

The installation of the service is done by qualified professionals that are part of the Vivasat installers network. The installation is paid to the agent that makes the installation.

How long does it take to install the internet satellite service of Vivasat?

Depending on some technical factors (distance between the antenna and modem, antenna location, etc.) the installation may take about 2 hours.

In how many devices can I use the internet Vivasat?

Because Vivasat packages include the installation of a wireless router, there is no limitation in the number of equipments to be used with the internet service, whether it`s tablets, PCs or smartphones.

It's possible to change the subscribed tariff?

Yes. You can make the change of the subscribed package (upgrade or downgrade) only once each month of billing. The migration to a higher tariff (upgrade) has no cost to the customer.

What happens if I order Vivasat and meanwhile optical fiber becomes available in my residential area?

If you are concerned in joining the Vivasat because you think that optical fiber will soon arrive at your home or office, do not worry. If during the contract period optical fiber becomes available in the area where you have the Vivasat service installed, you can give us back the Tooway equipment. You will be free of your contract. The conditions of this clause require prior contact for Vivasat.

it's possible to use applications like Teamviewer or Bit Torrent?

Yes, this type of applications work with the Vivasat system.

How is the experience of using applications like Skype in Vivasat systems?

Very good, although the latency time associated with the satellite systems is slightly higher that the cabled systems, the experience of using applications such as Skype it`s of a very good quality.

After using the traffic subscribed in the package, do I lose my connection?

No, after you reach the limit of traffic consumption provided in your package, you can always enjoy a low-speed connection. Alternatively you can also purchase additional traffic.

Can I know the traffic that I still have available?

Yes, at the time of installation is provided to you an address ( that allows you, in real time to consult the traffic available in your connection.